Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does This Cost

There are multiple entry points, but to become a member & use our booking engine is $49, a basic VIP Member can start for as little as $114, or you can join for FREE as an affiliate.

How long does it take to get paid

We use a peer-to-peer payment method, so you get paid instantly and directly on our VIP Products!

How/Where Can I Buy Bitcoin?

There are probably 1000's of ways to buy bitcoin, but we have a few recommendations for you Click Here

How much does Bitcoin Cost

It actually costs nothing to have a bitcoin account - it's truly a technology & currency for the masses! However the cost to buy a bitcoin fluctuates (just like all currencies do relative to each other), you'll notice on many of our pages we tell you our current rate of bitcoin - which we update at least once a week

What Bitcoin Wallet Should I Use?

You basically never want to keep your bitcoin in a wallet where you can also buy bitcoin/cryptocurrency. We recommend using Exodus, it's quite simple and nice to look at. Click Here to watch the set-up tutorial.

Can I share this with someone I know

OF COURSE! It works best when you can share your link with anyone (just don't spam), and we even show you some great places for you to advertise - places that have generated real signups - and even give you our proven ad swipes that you can simply copy and paste - so you can get the word out with basically no skills!

...OK, you need to know how to read and copy and paste - if you're this far along you've got at least 1/3rd of the skills required ;)

How can I share the booking engines

If you want to show someone some of the deals you can find with our booking engines, you must use your approved affiliate links, or be in private/one-on-one situation. These are PRIVATE booking engines that are not available to the public - affiliates caught sharing these engines in a public venue will be terminated.

How do I qualify for the Travel Party's Monthly Bonus Pool

This is an exciting bonus for our members, each month we take a portion of all Booking Engine subscriptions and share it with our members! To qualify simply make 3 new booking engine sales yourself in any calendar month - for each 3 sales you generate you'll get 1 share of the company-wide bonus pool!

Am I able to make money with this, even as a free member

Yes, you can. As a free affiliate you'll be able to take part in The Travel Party's Monthly Bonus Pool. Once you create your account, go to your profile page and you'll find your basic affiliate link, and a place to update your wallets.

However, all other bonuses will be passed-up to your sponsor, or the next qualified upline.

How do I get member updates via email?

You're automatically entered into the member newsletter when you register, but if you've opted out, or couldn't confirm for some other reason, you can opt-in again here

How can I change my Bitcoin (or other crypto) address/wallet

You'll be able to access "Your Wallets" page from your account profile, on this page you'll be able to add and manage multiple wallets - you can never delete a wallet (we need records to confirm payments), but you can "turn it off" so it stops receiving payment & add as many as you likes

I have lost/wish to reset my password

Please go to the Forgot Password Page, complete the form, and the following steps.

Can you reverse a payment that has already been sent

Bitcoin payments are irreversible and so once a payment has been sent, we (nor anyone else) cannot get it back. You should ensure that the correct ammount & address is specified before sending a payment, or submitting your own address.

What about consumer protection & refunds

Bitcoin is freeing people to transact on their own terms. Each user can send and receive payments in a similar way to cash, giving more control of their money. But, as opposed to cash and most other payment methods, Bitcoin always leaves a public proof that a transaction did take place, which can potentially be used in a recourse - to ensure you get what you paid for.

It is also worth noting that while companies usually depend on their public reputation to remain in business and pay their employees, they don't have access to the same level of information when dealing with new consumers. The way Bitcoin works allows entrepreneurs to be protected against fraudulent chargebacks from "refund artists" - which will keep more money in your pocket as you begin building your business.

With this system, we use a peer-to-peer payment method for many of our upgrades - as such, we never see that money, so we cannot refund those transactions.

Why am I not receiving my activation/confirmation email

This happens from time to time, either the member you're trying to sign up with has made a typo, or possibly you have requested a global unsubscribe from our autoresponder service. You can simply Click Here to access our bypass page

I paid but the system isn't upgrading me!

This happens from time to time, most of the time transactions will be posted to the blockchain instantly, and often confirm within the hour.
If you've made your payments more than 6 hours ago and you're still not upgraded please let us know about it, please make sure you include what the payment was for and the transaction hash/ID, in this format:
Booking Engine:

VIP Kit:

if it's confirmed in the blockchain (and you paid the right person) we'll upgrade you no questions asked! If something else went wrong we'll work with you to try and set things right ASAP.

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